Quality & Standard

Swiss quality guarantees a perfect result

The highest quality is our claim. For this reason, at Swiss Happy Home, we only use high quality cleaning products from Switzerland, and our experienced technical consultants from Switzerland have a lot of expertise with our cleaning equipment.

Our hygiene requirements

In order to offer your exclusive home in Mallorca only the best cleaning service, we only employ our own, well trained staff. We work exclusively with the 4-color hygiene system, a simple but nevertheless more effective cleaning system to ensure hygiene in all rooms. It allows our cleaning powers to be particularly easy to assign to the cleaning cloths or sponges.

How does the 4-color hygiene system work exactly?

The 4-color hygiene system is simple and ingenious: the four well-distinguishable colors are red, green, blue and yellow. Each color represents a certain area. Like this, it is avoided that a cloth with which the toilet was previously cleaned is used for dusting a desk, and in this way germs are transferred from the toilet to furniture. In the respective colors we use buckets, towels and cleaning sponges made of polyurethane.

Time-saving & safe!

Different colors = individual hygiene system

Avoid spreading germs & bacteria

For the toilet, urinal, and the tiles in the surrounding area.

For the sanitary areas like sink, tiles, shelves, valves, mirror, shower cabins
and bath tub.

Furniture, like desk, cupboards, chairs, bookshelves, heater, doors etc.

Special areas, like cleaning and disinfection of the kitchen or other sensitive areas

In case you do not want to pay online, please contact our customer service. We also offer the possibility to pay in cash after the cleaning.

*100 % our own and qualified staff * 100 % security through Allianz insurance *4-colour-hygiene-system

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