Spring cleaning

Swiss Happy Home “Spring Cleaning Special”

As it´s already getting warmer outside we know, that spring is just behind the corner. The island of Mallorca awakes from its winter sleep, nature is coming to life and we cannot wait for our beloved cherry blossom season!
Every year it feels like our beautiful island is cleaning off the dust of the winter months and getting ready for a new lovely season – so why not follow Mallorca´s example and have your exclusive home on the island spring cleaned as well?
We will deep-clean your home to make a fresh start into a new season where anything is possible!

How are we going to do that?

It´s as easy as can be! You do not have to choose between your preferred services, by booking our spring cleaning special, you will get all of our services for a special price.

In case you do not want to pay online, please contact our customer service. We also offer the possibility to pay in cash after the cleaning.

*100 % our own and qualified staff * 100 % security through Allianz insurance *4-colour-hygiene-system

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